Who are we

Bokuda LLP is a mobile software development company based in Singapore, with the core belief technology should improve our lives and lower costs for both businesses and consumers. We strive to make our products simple, seamless, with less changes, maintain excellent uptime, and without unnecessary waste, in particular to minimise our carbon footprint. We believe in upholding our business ethics to protect the interests of our customers, users, and staff, while striving for revenues and profits


To create, is to exist meaningfully. Our ideas are our best commodities.


To build, is our craft, to bring simplicity into a product. 


To live, is to breathe, and experience what we have built and offer it to the world.

Our product and services

F&B digital solution

A simple solution to automate the process of ordering through a smart and customizable digital menu, that can be customised to specific hours and dates according to your chef's creations and seasonality. Incoming orders are received through our order management app (appety waiter) and integrated into our point-of-sales (POS) system, which runs on tablets, offering portability, with ease of sending orders to your kitchens, editing features eg. price change, discount, order consolidations, and finally closing the orders for payment. All historical data are easily downloaded by our merchants for their own data analysis. All data resides on the cloud, secured by our data protection policy.

We are now in the process of designing and creating our own payment system with cash management services, including financing of working capital. 

The use of the digital menu, and order management app (appety waiter) are absolutely FREE, with zero set-up fee.

The use of our integrated POS system is on a subscription basis, at a published price of:

US$74.90 per month (S$99.90 per month) for Singapore,

US$58.90 per month (Rp790.000 per month) for Indonesia.

A one time fee may apply for the set-up of appety POS system, depending on the number of SKUs and printers

All terms and conditions apply.

Check our application at google play store: 
1. Appety POS
2. Appety Waiter 

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Please contact us at

Email:  connect@appety.sg
Singapore WA: +65 8786 7919
Indonesia WA: +62 853 1101 1431